17 Beautifull beach in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago which consisting of five main islands and thousands of small islands and is surrounded by many oceans. No wonder then that Indonesia has a lot of attractions on the beach. Starting from mediocre beaches to the most beautiful beaches in the world are here. If you want a holiday on a beach with white sand, clear sea water, and surely a very exotic landscape, these are some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Indonesia that you can go visit. 1. Nusa Dua Beach, Bali Nusa Dua Beach is located 40 kilometers in the south of Denpasar. With its white sand that are pure and beautifully arranged, it makes the tourists stay longer to enjoy the scenery. This beach has been rewarded as one of the best beaches in the world by TripAdvisor community, where the valuation is taken from the rating of quality and quantity which were provided by the tourists who have come to Nusa Dua Beach. 2. Kuta Beach, Bali

TOP 10 Indonesian Mountains to Climb

If you’ve always wanted to hike up a volcano, there is no better place to go than Indonesia. Because of the country’s location at the meeting point of three tectonic plates—the Australian, Eurasian and Pacific plates—, it’s home to numerous volcanoes. It’s estimated that there are about 150 active ones on top of many more extinct ones. Active volcanoes include Tambora and Krakatoa, both infamous for their catastrophic 19th-century eruptions. That shouldn’t scare you, though. Eruptions, although they do happen, are still quite rare. At most, you’ll see flumes of smoke and notice a sulphur smell. If anything, Indonesia’s volcanoes, both active and extinct, beg to be explored on foot. Luckily, there are countless superb hiking trails running up and down the flanks of many mountains. It’s no surprise that Indonesia is a dream destination for hikers and rock climbers. In this post, we’ve selected Indonesia’s ten best mountains for hiking. All these spots offer downright spectacular views, the…


BAB I PENDAHULUAN 1.1   Latar Belakang     Kelapa sawit (Elaeis guinensis jack) merupakan salah satu jenis tanaman perkebunan yang menduduki posisi terpenting di sektor pertanian, hal ini dikarenakankelapa sawit mampu menghasilkan nilai ekonomi terbesar per hektarnya jika dibandingkan dengan tanaman penghasil minyak atau lemak lainya . Selain itu kelapa sawit juga memiliki banyak manfaat yaitu sebagai bahan bakar alternatif Biodisel, bahan pupuk kompos, bahan dasar industri lainnya seperti industri kosmetik, industri makanan, dan sebagai obat.Prospek pasar bagi olahan kelapa sawit cukup menjanjikan, karena permintaan dari tahun ke tahun mengalami peningkatan yang cukup besar, tidak hanya di dalam negeri, tetapi juga di luar negeri. Oleh sebab itu, sebagai negara tropis yang masih memiliki lahan yang cukup luas, Indonesia berpeluang besar untuk mengembangkan perkebunan kelapa sawit. Saya memilih lokasi penanaman di kota Riau karena lokasinya yang cukup luas.Riau memiliki tanah mineral masa…